Goražde is a city in eastern Bosnia and Herzegovina. The city is situated on the river Drina, and counts approximately 38,000 residents. Located in the canton Bosnian Prodinje of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina Goražde was, next to Srebrenica and Žepa, one of the 3 enclaves that the Bosniaks held in the east of the country.

These three enclaves were surrounded by the Serbs.. In 1993 this area became a Safe Area. The UN had to protect its citizens. In April 1994, the Serbs launched a major offensive against the enclave. The UN soldiers fled, and during this offensive nearly 700 people fell in the battle and there were nearly 2,000 people injured. The Bosnians continued to keep control over the enclave throughout the war. The Dayton Agreement provides that the city would be connected by a corridor with the rest of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Because the enclave of Goražde remained in the hands of the Bosniaks during the war, it was spared of the ethnic cleansing. Still the losses and suffering among the population of Goražde therefore was not less. The population after the war slowly climbed out of the depths of sorrow and suffering.

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